10 June 2006


On Thursday I went to see the Adobe Live event, organized here in Barcelona (amongst some other cities around Europe).

It was definitely interesting; a marketing event, of course, but I did learn some useful things about Photoshop, Acrobat and InDesign.

I’m just about to catch a flight to Finland (Hooray! Hooray! It’s a holi-holiday!), so instead of boring you with a long story about the event, let me just publish a couple of pictures here:

I’m now a happy owner of my very own Adobe paper bag (It’s so... revolutionary, isn’t it?):

What I actually would like to own is this 21-inch Wacom interactive pen display (Cintiq 21UX):

I love it! I want to have one of those! This is what I have always dreamt about! It only has about 2 500 downsides - and they are all Euros. (I’m hoping that the guys - and girls - at Wacom see this and decide to give me one, now that I’m doing all this free marketing for them... Please?)

BTW, I photoshopped the Wacom picture a little bit; the screen is actually from my computer. If anyone is interested in knowing how it was done, please, shout and I shall explain when I get back from my holidays.

Last but not least: It was just so clear that most of the people there were Apple Macintosh users... Or whaddaya think about their lunch?

I didn’t dare to confess that I use both Mac and Windows, and that I’m OK with both. (I’m sure everybody knows that if you use a Mac, you just have to hate Windows.)

And now that I’ve confessed, I think it’s better if I get out of here... I’ll be away for about two weeks. Hopefully by then everybody has forgiven me for not hating Windows.

P.S. I like Linux, too. So, Antti, please don’t get mad at me.


Anonymous antti said...

Hey! :D
Actually, even though my workstation at work is running Linux, I prefer Windows. Not all of us geeks are Linux-lovers. :)

10/6/06 15:58  
Blogger Manuel Tendero Gil said...

hola mis comentarios no son tan largos pero esta fotografia es muy buena me gusta las demas estan muy bien un saludo

4/10/06 01:02  
Blogger Kafkakoski said...

Gracias, Manuel.

12/10/06 21:09  

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