10 June 2006


On Thursday I went to see the Adobe Live event, organized here in Barcelona (amongst some other cities around Europe).

It was definitely interesting; a marketing event, of course, but I did learn some useful things about Photoshop, Acrobat and InDesign.

I’m just about to catch a flight to Finland (Hooray! Hooray! It’s a holi-holiday!), so instead of boring you with a long story about the event, let me just publish a couple of pictures here:

I’m now a happy owner of my very own Adobe paper bag (It’s so... revolutionary, isn’t it?):

What I actually would like to own is this 21-inch Wacom interactive pen display (Cintiq 21UX):

I love it! I want to have one of those! This is what I have always dreamt about! It only has about 2 500 downsides - and they are all Euros. (I’m hoping that the guys - and girls - at Wacom see this and decide to give me one, now that I’m doing all this free marketing for them... Please?)

BTW, I photoshopped the Wacom picture a little bit; the screen is actually from my computer. If anyone is interested in knowing how it was done, please, shout and I shall explain when I get back from my holidays.

Last but not least: It was just so clear that most of the people there were Apple Macintosh users... Or whaddaya think about their lunch?

I didn’t dare to confess that I use both Mac and Windows, and that I’m OK with both. (I’m sure everybody knows that if you use a Mac, you just have to hate Windows.)

And now that I’ve confessed, I think it’s better if I get out of here... I’ll be away for about two weeks. Hopefully by then everybody has forgiven me for not hating Windows.

P.S. I like Linux, too. So, Antti, please don’t get mad at me.

04 June 2006

Creating a Lake Postcard


Stage 1 (after cropping the image and adjusting the levels)

Stage 2 (Final)


1. Straighten the image: Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary (I can’t remember the exact degrees I used here; probably just 1 or 2)

2. Crop the image by using the Crop tool.

3. New Adjustment Layer: Levels

4. Make a selection with the Rectangular selection tool.

5. Select > Feather: 15 px

6. With the selection still active, choose Layer > New > Layer via Copy (OR click the right mouse button and choose Layer via Copy)

7. Create a new layer below the new layer-via-copy layer (Layer > New > Layer).

8. Set foreground colour to white and use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the new empty layer with white.

9. Use the Eyedropper tool to choose a nice blue colour by clicking on the image.

10. Choose the Text tool (Horizontal type tool) and type the text (it should appear in the blue colour you’ve just chosen).
The font I used here was Myriad Pro Condensed.

I normally save the original ”background” layer, too, but if you are short of space on your hard disk, it’s a good idea to remove the background layer (where the original image is) after step 6.