14 May 2006

Stitching Two Pictures Together

Sometimes, when I’m photographing something that doesn’t really fit into one picture, I take two and then stitch these two images together in Photoshop. This is what I did when I visited La Ciutat de Les Arts i Les Ciencias in Valencia a couple of years ago.

Original 1 (with double canvas size; see steps 2 and 3 below):

Original 2 (with double canvas size):

First version, after stitching:



  1. Open one of the original pictures in Photoshop.
  2. Double the size of the canvas: Image > Canvas Size: Width: 200%
  3. Use the arrows in the Canvas Size window to define to which direction you want the canvas to expand. In this case I chose right, so I clicked the middle-left arrow. ("Original 1" above is the result.)
  4. Open the other picture and drag it to the canvas of the first picture.
    Photoshop automatically creates a new layer for the picture when you drop it to the canvas.
  5. Use the Move tool to set the two layers side by side correctly.
    (It's a good idea to use the Zoom tool, to make sure that you set the layers correctly.)
  6. If there are differences in the lighting conditions (i.e., one side of this new image is darker than the other), create new adjustment layers for levels and/or contrast (Layer > New Adjustment Layer) for the “problematic” layer only. (Place the adjustment layer between the two layers, right above the part of the image you want to adjust. This way the layer right above the adjustment layer will not be affected.)

As you can probably see, after stitching the image I did some clone stamping as well. You might also need to use the Clone stamp tool to make the two images merge together more seamlessly.

Some day I will probably use the Clone stamp tool even more on this image, to get rid of the elements you can see in the upper right, upper left and lower left corners of the image. - They didn't annoy me before, but they do now.

EDIT: I had some technical problems publishing the images in this post. If you cannot view this post correctly, please, shout in the comment box!


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