19 April 2006

Sleepless in Barcelona

My original shot of Tibidabo, Barcelona, was a real failure, so I wanted to do something about it.

This is the original:

And here's the result, after some photoshopping:

What I did was the following:
  • Cropped the image
  • Adjusted Levels and Contrast
  • Added a new Colour Layer (blue)
  • Added some Gaussian blur
  • Combined the layers (saving the original, just in case, of course...)
  • Duplicated the layer + changed its Blending Mode into Linear burn, Opacity 49%
  • Painted the moon with the Brush tool, Soft Round 200 px (approx. 90% opacity)
  • Created the bats in Illustror + placed them into Photoshop (File > Place), right below the blue Colour Layer
  • Added the Text Layer as the topmost layer


Anonymous SusuPetal said...

Beautiful! And much better looking than the original:) I should know...I have just started my own experiencing with photoshop.
Much to learn, much fun also. Never bad photos anymore!

19/4/06 15:57  
Blogger Kafkakoski said...

Hi, Susu! I hadn't noticed your new blog! (Asia korjattu, eli tilattu on!)

I agree with you that there is much to learn, and it's great fun. A little bit addictive, though...

19/4/06 16:06  
Anonymous SusuPetal said...

Talk about addiction! Been sharing my time with the computer for six hours today:( But not only photos, words also.

Oh, I love these international sites! Great opportunity to practise English.

19/4/06 16:15  
Blogger Maurelita Pligaa said...

Voi vinha, mäkun luulin löytäneeni uuden jännän blogin...

*Hihittää hysteerisenä*

19/4/06 16:51  
Blogger Maurelita Pligaa said...

Oh pardon, I just noticed it would've been more polite to comment back in English...

Et pourquoi pas en français ! En attendant la suite, un nouveau lecteur s'impatiente ici.


19/4/06 16:53  
Blogger Kafkakoski said...

Susu: I was up until 03:30 last night with Photoshop... (I think holidays are not good for me. They should send me back to work today, not on Monday!)

Maurelita: Ai, eiks tää ole uusi ja jännä, vai? Höh!
You can, naturellement, comment in French, too, but I prefer to reply in English, Finnish or Spanish... (Je comprend français, mais mon français est... terrible!)

Now that I think of it, I should have named this blog as "The Babel Tower"...

19/4/06 17:16  

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